How the Terminator could save everyone. You included.

The solution to all our problems? What? Source

Please welcome…the Terminator.

How in Cyberspace does AI work?

Your brain is an AI. Kind of.

I promise, they’re not as scary as they look. Source
This looks even scarier, but it’s just a bunch of perceptrons stacked on top of each other! Source
“Oh no — CALCULUS”
In this case, the error is the lowest when the weight is set to 2.

Some Problems…

Not the best handwriting, but at least the numbers are clear for the AI! Source
Check out 3Blue1Brown for an even better explanation on Neural Networks! Source

We need a Specialist.

The CNN architecture. This one uses the RELU activation function (which is more common than the sigmoid), and the fully connected layer is the MLP.
Max pool, and Average pool. Source

The Recurring Pain of Neural Networks.

Yum 😋 Source
The hidden layer gets used as a memory, and is used the next time we forward propagate the RNN. Source

RNNs on Steroids (the last one, I swear)

LSTM Architecture — Source




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