Prime Editing: The Future of Gene Editing?

What is CRISPR and Gene Editing?

Figure 1: A plant cell under a microscope.
Figure 2: The instructions for life, DNA.
Figure 3: How BT Crops work.

How does CRISPR work?

Figure 4: CRISPR uses Guide RNA (essentially DNA cut in half) and scans the gene’s DNA for a match. When one is found, it uses enzymes at the ends to cut off the DNA.

The Problem With CRISPR

Figure 5: The negative effects of Double Strand Breaks (DSBs).
Figure 6: Single Strand Breaks (SSBs) are safer than DSBs, but aren’t as effective.

Prime Editing

Figure 7: A basic diagram showing how Prime editing works.
Figure 9: Gene editing is widely used in crops for a variety of reasons, ranging from increasing shelf life to generating pesticides.

The Future of Prime Editing

Figure 10: How a potential gene therapy might function.




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