Robots care more about the environment than we do.

The Mammal Mishap 🐵

Let’s say for a second, that you’re a chipmunk — munching on nuts, peacefully living in the forest. Life is good, and it’s been like that for hundreds of years.

We’re the cause of the sixth extinction event.

Do you like being alive?

Our lifestyle is the result of our ecosystems.

Why saving the animals isn’t saving the animals.🐄

At this point, you probably want to save our biodiversity— not doing so would condemn millions of species to extinction, and millions of humans to suffering.

Protected land in Canada — not bad, but could be better.

Opening doors. 🚪

We live in a fantastic age of convenience and technology. — one where machines care about the environment more than humans.

Is it magic? ✨

But…how does it work? Does it operate on fairy crystals or spells? How can a computer just tell you where to make a conservation area?


The point here isn’t to show how amazing AI is (though it’s a revolutionary technology).



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Aditya Dewan

Aditya Dewan


Building companies. Machine Learning Specialist Philosophy x Tech.