The Greatest threat to human survival…is us.

Mother nature ISN’T peaceful. 🌳

Every second of your existence, someone’s trying to take it all away from you. And no, it’s not your friend Joe.

Antibiotics and medicines.💉

What? How?

You’re in for a surprise.🤯

It’s easy to think that those wrong decisions rarely happen. After all, don’t doctors, nurses, and countless medical staff go through decades of training, tests, and certifications? How then, could this be a widespread problem?

What are we going to do?🤔

It’s obvious that we need to solve this problem. But the question is…how?

The Robots are coming.🤖

And they’ll be here soon. But they’re not coming for you or your job…probably😅.



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Aditya Dewan

Aditya Dewan


Building companies. Machine Learning Specialist Philosophy x Tech.